Learning toys for Toddler activity, Natural eco friendly toy



asy wooden toy lacing in the form of polar bear incredibly useful toy that will help your child develop tactile skills, fine motor skills, concentration, and patience. Developing their tactile skills .
Recommended age: 2 years and older

This toy is absolutely hand-made.
Wooden Bear made in Ukraine from environmentally friendly wood.
The bear is made of a nut to which a thread with a beech tip fastens.
The toy is perfectly polished, has no sharp corners, splinters and is covered with coconut oil.
It is long – 13cm; 5.12 inches
Width – 13 cm; 5.12 inches
Also included is a stick for stringing on a cotton cord with a nut bead at the end.
The length of the cord is 80cm.(31.49 inches)

The size of the hole enough to stick them could made freely pass, and the length of the rope allows you to thread each hole toys.